March 23, 2017
Aerial view of Cheney.

Business Licenses

The City of Cheney requires that most businesses operating within the city limits must obtain a City of Cheney business license.   


The annual cost of a business license is just $30. Late renewals (after January 31) will incur an additional $15 fee.

Applications for business licenses are available for download from this page, or at the Building Department, 112 Anderson Road, as well as at City Hall, 609 2nd Street.

Upon receipt of your completed application form, the appropriate City departments will review your application, and when it is issued, your business license will be mailed to you - usually within 5 working days. 

A few categories of business are EXEMPT from the business license requirement.  These include:

  1. All governmental entities including public and private elementary, secondary, high schools, and universities;

  2. Deliverers of newspapers and periodicals;

  3. Deliverers to and persons soliciting orders from retail establishments for the delivery and sale of goods, wares and merchandise to retailers for resale unless located within the City;

  4. Any person or organization conducting a nonprofit enterprise when the enterprise is operated without private profit, for a public, charitable, educational, literary, fraternal or religious purpose;

  5. Minors engaged in babysitting;

  6. Sales by farmers/gardeners of their own produce;

  7. Temporary craft booths;

  8. Any person, firm, or corporation that the City is forbidden to tax by law; and

  9. Any person engaged in the casual sale of items of personal property where the person conducting such sale is not regularly engaged in the business of selling items of personal property (for  example, garage sales and bake sales).

  10. Any landlord who owns five or fewer units.

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Development Department at 498-9240.

Community Development
112 Anderson Road
Cheney, WA  99004

Monday-Friday, 8-5

(509) 498-9240

(509) 498-9249


Staff Contacts:

Brett Lucas
Senior Planner

Susan Beeman
Administrative Secretary


Download Application:  

Business License Application 

Cheney Municipal Code:

Business License Requirements