March 25, 2017
Property maintenance codes are about being good neighbors!

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcement of certain ordinances and citizen compliance with City codes dealing with substandard housing, junk, unlicensed vehicles, mobile homes, signs and other nuisances.

Quick Code Facts:

Grass & Weeds:     Grasses & weeds must be less than 10” at all times. If your yard is unwatered and becomes a fire hazard, you may be cited even if it is less than 10” in height.

Vehicles:   Inoperative or unlicensed vehicles may not be parked on your property except within a garage, or behind a sight-obscuring fence.  Body work or a major repair to your vehicle must be performed within a structure approved for such purposes.  (CMC 19.16.150)  Any vehicle parked on a public street must be moved at least once every 72 hours. 

 Living Arrangements:  The number of unrelated persons living within a house or apartment is set by the zoning code.  The  following section of the Cheney Municipal Code addresses this issue:

CMC 21.48.027 Residential occupancy.

(a) A dwelling unit may be occupied by only one family or functional family plus a number of unrelated persons as specified in the table below.

(b) In addition to a family or functional family, the following number of persons may reside in a dwelling unit as determined by zone.

Number of unrelated persons allowed in a single dwelling unit, by zone:


 # Unrelated
Persons Allowed

 SR-2, Semi-Rural Residential  0
 CALR, Critical Areas Limited Residential  0
 R-1, Single Family Residential  1
 R-2, Two-Family Residential  2
 R-3, Multi-Family Residential  3
 R-3H, High Density Multi-Family  3
 C-1, Downtown Commercial  0
 C-2, General Commercial  0


 (c) Except as authorized in this section, it shall be presumed that more than two adult persons unrelated by blood or marriage occupying a single dwelling unit are but a group of casual acquaintances living together for a limited duration, not to function as a family as defined herein, but for convenience and economic advantage.  It shall be the burden of the occupant to rebut the presumption by clear and convincing evidence.

(d) Anyone seeking the right and privileges afforded a member of a family or functional family by this title shall have the burden of proof by clear and convincing evidence of each of the elements comprising the respective definitions of a family or functional family defined in this section.


Please do your part to be a great neighbor!


What is Enforced:

  • Title 19 and all ordinances relating to the City Building Code and dangerous buildings;
  • Title 20 and all ordinances relating to mobile/manufactured homes and mobile/manufactured home parks;
  • Title 21 and all ordinances relating to zoning and land use;
  • Chapter 8.12 and all ordinances relating to garbage collection and disposal;
  • Title 15 and all ordinances relating to sewer and sewage disposal.

You may file a complaint online, or contact the Code Enforcement office at (509) 498-9334.


To check zoning at a particular address, contact the Community Development Department at (509) 498-9240.


Code Enforcement
215 "G" ST
Cheney, WA  99004

Monday-Friday, 8-4:30

(509) 498-9334

(509) 498-9228


Staff Contacts:

Richard Campbell
Code Enforcement Officer