March 23, 2017
Photo by Carlene Hardt, SilverFox Multimedia.


Ordinances are local laws which have been adopted by the Cheney City Council.  There may be a delay between the time of adoption and when they are codified, meaning the new laws have been incorporated into the text of the Cheney Municipal Code.


Ordinances are approved by City Council and the Mayor in open public meetings and usually become effective 30 days after approval and publication in the newspaper of record.


Ordinance W-18  Establishing and Amending Interim Zoning and Land Use Regulations to Address Medical Cannabis and I-502

Ordinance W-23 2014 Salary Ordinance

Ordinance W-26  Repealing CMC 7.20 and Adopting Spokane County Code Chapters 5.04 & 5.12

Ordinance W-27  Adopting 2014-2019 Capital Facilities Plan

Ordinance W-28  Amending CMC 1.27 "Civil Infraction System"

Ordinance W-29  Amending CMC 15.04 "Sewer System Regulations"

Ordinance W-30  Amending CMC 15.08 "Connections and Installations"

Ordinance W-31  Repealing CMC 15.12 "Latecomer Charges"

Ordinance W-32  2014 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-33  Establishing Marijuana Zoning & Land Use Regulations

Ordinance W-34  Amending CMC 21.52 "Nonconforming Situations"

Ordinance W-35  Amending CMC 2.36 "Finance Director"

Ordinance W-36  Amending CMC 2.40 "City Administrator"

Ordinance W-37  Repealing CMC 2.87 "Cheney Reserve Officer Board of Trustees"

Ordinance W-38  Amending CMC 2.28 "Light Department"

Ordinance W-39  Amending CMC 2.08 "Board of Park Commissioners"

Ordinance W-40  Amending CMC 2.40 "City Administrator"

Ordinance W-41  2014 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-42  Amending CMC 14.04 "Rates and Regulations"

Ordinance W-43  Amending CMC 14.08 "Service"

Ordinance W-44  2014 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-45  Adopting 2014-2024 Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance W-46  2014 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-47  Amending CMC 18.08 "Fireworks"

Ordinance W-48  Amending CMC 2.60 "Hearing Examiner"

Ordinance W-49  Amending CMC Title 22 "Subdivisions"

Ordinance W-50  Amending CMC Title 23 "Development Code Administration"

Ordinance W-51  Setting 2015 Property Tax Levy

Ordinance W-52  Setting 2015 EMS Levy

Ordinance W-53  Adopting 2015 Budget

Ordinance W-54  Amending CMC 2.33 "Public Defender"

Ordinance W-55  Amending CMC Title 21 "Zoning"

Ordinance W-56  2014 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-57  2015 Salary Ordinance

Ordinance W-58  Establishing Interim Zoning and Land Use Regulations for Retail Marijuana Sales & Dispensaries

Ordinance W-59  Ameding CMC 21.13 "Overlay Zone"

Ordinance W-61  Adopting Commute Trip Reduction Plan

Ordinance W-62  Establishing Zoning and Land Use Regulations for Retail Marijuana Sales & Dispensaries

Ordinance W-63  Authorizing Interfund Loan for IT Upgrade

Ordinance W-64  2015 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-65  Amending Petty Cash

Ordinance W-66  Amending CMC 2.74 "Disposal of Surplus Property"

Ordinance W-67  2015 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-68  Submission of Proposition for Levy Lift

Ordinance W-69  Vacating a Portion of Spokane Street

Ordinance W-70  2015 Salary Ordinance

Ordinance W-71  Establishing Interim Zoning

Ordinance W-72 Setting 2016 Property Tax Levy

Ordinance W-73  Declaring Substantial Need for Setting 2016 EMS Levy

Ordinance W-74  Setting 2016 EMS Levy

Ordinance W-75  Adopting 2016 Budget

Ordinance W-76  Establishing Traffic Safety School

Ordinance W-77  2016 Salary Ordinance

Ordinance W-78  Amending CMC 14.04 & 14.08

Ordinance W-79  2015 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-80  Amending CMC 5.04.035 "Utility Tax Imposed - Rate of Tax"

Ordinance W-81  2016 Salary Ordinance

Ordinance W-82  Washington Court Residential Overlay Zone

Ordinance W-84  Adopting 2016-2021 Capital Facilities Plan

Ordinance W-85  Amending Ordinance W-71 Interim Zoning

Ordinance W-86  2016 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-87  Amending CMC 19.06 Building Code

Ordinance W-88  Repealing CMC 19.04 General Provisions

Ordinance W-89  Repealing CMC 19.07 Board of Appeals of the Fire Code

Ordinance W-91  Adding CMC 23.045 Administrative Reviews

Ordinance W-92  2016 Salary Ordinance

Ordinance W-94  2016 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-95  Setting 2017 Property Tax Levy

Ordinance W-96  Declaring Substantial Need for Setting 2017 EMS Levy

Ordinance W-97  Setting 2017 EMS Tax Levy

Ordinance W-98  2016 Budget Amendment

Ordinance W-99  Adopting 2017 Budget

Ordinance X-01  Interfund Loan for Purchase of Road Grader

Ordinance X-03  Amending CMC 14.02.200 Schedule 2 - General Service

Ordinance X-04  2017 Salary Ordinance

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