March 25, 2017
Photo by Greg Munoz.
Trail near Cheney; photo by Greg Munoz.
Photo by Carlene Hardt, Silverfox Multimedia.
Photo by Carlene Hardt, Silverfox Multimedia.

News Room

February 6, 2017

Cities 101

The Association of Washington Cities, of which the City of Cheney is a member, has responded to cities that asked for new, exciting, and interesting ways to educate the public about all the great work that cities do.  AWC is excited to introduce their new video series, Cities 101. 

The first video in the series focuses on how modern sewer systems work and how they are paid for.  Here now, we present Cities 101:  Sewers.

The second video in the Cities 101 series focuses on population growth.  Washington's population is booming, and much of that growth is happening in cities.  Watch Cities 101:  Population Growth to learn how many people are expected to move to Washington, and what it means for cities as they budget, plan, and prepare for the growth.

The third video in the Cities 101 series focuses on city Revenues and Expenses.  Be informed about where city revenues come from, the important city services they support, and learn that vibrant cities need reliable and stable revenue to fund the many things we love about our cities.

The following video in the Cities 101 series is on Streets and the City Transportation System.  As cities grapple to fund priorities, it's critical that these important assets are well designed, constructed, and maintained for today and into the future.

The newest video in the series explains that Property Tax is the largest revenue source for cities in Washington State and comprises nearly 25% of all city revenue.  This revenue supports critical city services, including police officers, firefighters, streets, sidewalks, and parks!

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