March 25, 2017
Photo by Carlene Hardt, SilverFox Multimedia.

Property Owner Info

If you own property in or near Cheney, you may find the following contact information to be helpful.
  • Public Services Locator

    An online web portal providing quick access to a variety of public services and resources in the Spokane County Region. Use the service locator to enter your address or parcel number, and receive a customized listing which includes zoning, building & permitting agencies, schools, elected officials and other resources which serve that address.

  • Spokane County Assessor's Office

    The County Assessor's office is responsible for valuation of property, allocating value to taxing districts, calculating levy rates, and certifying the tax roll to the Treasurer.
    They also provide information on property tax exemptions and deferrals.

  • Spokane County Parcel Information

    Spokane County provides property tax and valuation information online.

  • Spokane County Treasurer's Office

    The County Treasurer's Office is responsible for billing and collecting real and personal property taxes, due April 30th and October 31st. The Treasurer's Office also collects excise tax on sale or transfer of real property and mobile homes, and forecloses on property for delinquent taxes.

  • Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency

    A local agency that administers federal, state, and local air pollution regulations throughout Spokane County. Areas of responsibility include air pollution and air quality issues including dust control, asbestos abatement, wood stoves and recreational fires.

    General Inquiries: 509-477-4727
    Burn Information Line: 509-477-4710

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