March 25, 2017
Photo by Carlene Hardt, SilverFox Multimedia.

Utility Providers

New to the Cheney area? Here we list our local utility providers to help you get settled in.
  • Avista Utilities

    Avista Utilities provides natural gas service to residents of Cheney and surrounding areas. Contact Avista at 1-800-227-9187.

  • CenturyLink

    Telephone and internet service in Cheney and surrounding areas.

  • Cheney Light Department

    Cheney Light is a publicly-owned electric utility serving residents within the Cheney city limits and extending approximately 1/4 mile outside the city limits. Call (509) 498-9209 to determine if you are within the Cheney Light service area.

  • City of Cheney Utilities Department

    For residents living within the incorporated Cheney city limits, the City of Cheney provides water, sewer, garbage and electric service. To verify that you are in the City of Cheney service area, call (509) 498-9209.

  • Davis Communications

    Cable television, high definition cable TV, internet, pay per view, digital music and Spanish language channels.

  • Inland Power & Light

    Electric provider to residents of rural Spokane County, including much of the 99004 zip code area. Call Inland at (509) 747-7151 to determine if you are within their service area.

  • Sunshine Disposal

    Sunshine handles garbage service in many parts of unincorporated Spokane County, including areas inside the Cheney zip code, but outside the Cheney city limits. (Remember -- residents INSIDE the Cheney city limits are served by the City of Cheney Utilities.)

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