Interlocal Agreements

The City of Cheney has executed interlocal agreements with other public agencies for many purposes. RCW 39.34.040 permits a public agency to list interlocal agreements on its website in lieu of filing the agreements with the auditor's office.

The following interlocal agreements have not been filed with the Spokane County Auditor's Office:
  1. Ambulance Service Board - Ground Ambulance Service
  2. Association of Washington Cities Employee Benefit Trust - Health Care Program
  3. Central Valley Information Sharing System - Law Enforcement Information Sharing
  4. Cheney Public Schools, City of Airway Heights, Communities in Schools of Spokane County
  5. Cheney Public Schools - School Resource Officer 2018-19
  6. Cheney Public Schools - Edge Program 2019-2020
  7. Cheney School District - Oakland Street Closure
  8. Cheney School District - Special Police Officer Commission
  9. City of Airway Heights, City of Medical Lake, Spokane Co Fire District 10 - West Plains Recruit Stru
  10. City of Liberty Lake - ACCESS System Entry Services
  11. City of Liberty Lake - Building Plan Review Services
  12. City of Medical Lake - Municipal Court Services
  13. City of Medical Lake and City of Airway Heights - Combined Recreational Efforts
  14. City of Seattle - Washington State Reference Network
  15. City of Spokane - Combined Communications Center
  16. City of Spokane - Hearing Examiner Services
  17. City of Spokane - Solid Waste Disposal
  18. City of Tacoma - Joint Purchasing Agreement
  19. County of San Mateo Sheriffs Office - ARREST Consortium Information Sharing
  20. Eastern Washington Univeristy - Fiber Optic System 2nd Amendment
  21. Eastern Washington University - ACCESS System Entry
  22. Eastern Washington University - Fire Protection Services
  23. Eastern Washington University - Shared Water Use
  24. Eastern Washington University - EMS Standby for Football Games
  25. Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center - Law Enforcement Information Sharing
  26. Kalispel Tribe of Indians - ACCESS System Entry
  27. National Joint Powers Alliance - Membership Agreement
  28. Region 8 Education Service Center - Interlocal Purchasing Agreement
  29. South Bay Information Sharing System - Law Enforcement Information Sharing
  30. Spokane County - Animal Control Services
  31. Spokane County - Animal Control Services Letter of Understanding
  32. Spokane County - CDBG and HOME Entitlement
  33. Spokane County - Cheney Communications Tower
  34. Spokane County - Commute Trip Reduction
  35. Spokane County - Detention Services
  36. Spokane County - Emergency Management
  37. Spokane County - Imagery License
  38. Spokane County - Judicial Cooperation Agreement
  39. Spokane County - Amendment 1 to Judicial Cooperation Agreement
  40. Spokane County - Modification of Judicial Cooperation Agreement
  41. Spokane County - Special Police Officer Commissions
  42. Spokane County - VPN Services
  43. Spokane County IT Department - Service Level Agreement
  44. Spokane Regional Emergency Communications - Emergency Communications Services
  45. Spokane Regional Health District - Emphasis Patrols
  46. Spokane Regional Transportation Council - Formation and Operation
  47. U.S. Department of Justice - Joint Law Enforcement Operations Task Force
  48. U.S. Marshals Service - Violent Offender Task Force
  49. Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts - High Speed Internet Connection
  50. Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts - IT Primary Purchase Agreement
  51. Washington State Department of Enterprise Services - Master Contract Usage Agreement
  52. Washington State Department of Information Services - Microsoft Products Purchase Agreement
  53. Washington State Department of Licensing - Data Sharing Contract
  54. Washington State Department of Licensing - Drive and Plate Search (Code Enforcement)
  55. Washington State Department of Licensing - Driver and Plate Search (Police)
  56. Washington State Department of Natural Resources - Forest Land Response
  57. Washington State Department of Revenue - Business License Services
  58. Washington State Office of State Procurement - State Purchasing Cooperative Program
  59. Washington State Office of the Secretary of State - Disaster Recovery Storage Service
  60. Washington State Patrol - Automated Fingerprint ID System
  61. Washington State Patrol - Fire Mobilization Reimbursement Agreement
  62. City of Airway Heights - ACCESS Entry Services
  63. City of Airway Heights - Municipal Court Services