Emergency Medical Services

Fire Trucks
The Cheney Fire Department provides an intermediate life support (ILS) medical response service for the city of Cheney and Eastern Washington University.  In 2016 the Cheney Fire Department responded to a total of 1,461 incidents; approximately 1,034 of those were medical emergencies. 


We are staffed with a combination of paid and part-time personnel who provide a 3- to 4-minute response to medical and fire emergencies.

All of the firefighters at the Cheney Fire Department are either EMT-I (Intermediate) EMT-B (Basic) or first responders certified through the Washington State Department of Health and Trauma system. Included in the department's medical service are cardiac defibrillation, King airways, vehicle extrication, and trauma care.

Medic Engines

The department utilizes a medic and engine for responses to medical emergencies. In the event of multiple calls, both the medic and engine are equipped to handle cardiac and trauma events. A full compliment of extrication and rescue tools are carried on the engine for entrapment emergencies.

In addition the Cheney Medic One (CM-1) has its own unique capabilities. This vehicle is utilized as a command post, has additional medical supplies for mass casualty incidents and has air monitoring equipment for atmospheric testing of carbon monoxide, explosion potential and oxygen concentration.


Department training is held monthly with department members getting the required training for recertification on a three year cycle. The Cheney Fire Department participates in the Department of Health's Ongoing Training & Evaluation Program.

Advanced life support (ALS) and transport are provided by American Medical Response of Spokane, with an average response to Cheney of around 17 minutes.