Fire Marshal


The fire marshal is responsible for monitoring the community for conformance with the 2015 International Fire Code by maintaining an active inspection program.

A current set of fire codes may be viewed at International Code Council.


Fire sprinkler and fire alarm permits/plan review are initiated as part of a building permit application; please contact the Cheney Building Department for submission requirements, application forms, and the applicable permit fees. Permit fees are determined based on the project valuation.

The City issues permits from its Permit Center, which is located at:

City of Cheney Utility Building
112 Anderson Road
Cheney, WA  99004

For application forms, requirements, applicable permit fees, or if assistance is required in completing your application, please contact the Cheney Building Department at 509-498-9237.

Fire Sprinkler or Alarm System Inspections

All fire sprinkler inspections or fire alarm testing should be scheduled 2 to 3 days in advance, as the fire inspector works on shifts. Contact Cheney Fire Department at 509-498-9291.

Fire Watch Procedures for the City of Cheney

A fire watch shall be established in a building or buildings when the fire alarm and/or sprinkler system is temporarily shut down more than 4 hours for reasons including maintenance, periodic inspections, renovations, or demolition work. The areas that are affected by the outage or malfunction will be covered until the system has been repaired, tested, and placed back into service.

Fire watch personnel shall:

  • Have a communications cell phone available to call 911 in the event of an emergency
  • All individuals performing fire watch duties are not permitted to perform any other duties or leave the site during the Fire Watch period and shall keep a diligent watch for fires in all areas affected.
  • Have the authority to stop any unsafe practices that could result in loss of life
  • Know how and where to set off the alarm systems to evacuate the building(s)
  • Be familiar with facilities and procedures for sounding an alarm in the event of a fire
  • Be capable of using fire extinguishing equipment readily available and be trained in its use
  • Fill out the Fire Watch Procedures form (PDF) and return it to Cheney Fire Department.

Anyone having any questions on these procedures may contact Chief Tom Jenkins by calling 509-498-9291.

Knox-Box Rapid Entry System

The key box entry is a quick and cost-effective way for first responders to access commercial and residential properties when responding to fire alarms or medical emergencies. The system prevents unnecessary damage by first responders when responding to emergencies. If you are interested in a system for your building, please contact the Cheney Fire Department for more information.

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