Light Department

Cheney linemen making repairs on the distribution system.


The mission of the Cheney Light Department is to provide its electric customers a safe and reliable supply of electric energy at the lowest practical cost.

New Service

If you are moving into a house or apartment which has had electric service in the past, please see the Utility Services page for information on connecting electric service in your name.

If you are planning to install, repair, or upgrade your electric service, you probably have some questions and concerns. The Cheney Light Department has designed an Electric Service Requirements handbook to help guide you through the process. This handbook includes the most commonly encountered requirements. However, this manual does not cover all installations. If you have any questions or a unique installation please visit the Cheney Light Department at 112 Anderson Road, Cheney WA or call 509-498-9230 for assistance. Spending some extra time during your project’s planning phase can save time, money, and minimize confusion as it moves ahead. 

About the Department

The City of Cheney Light Department is a municipal electric utility serving approximately 5,600 customers in the Cheney community. Cheney Light was formed in 1931 when the electric utility was purchased from the local utility owners. The utility does not pay dividends to stockholders, but retails all net income for operation, maintenance and expansion of the electric distribution system.

Cheney Light purchases about 90% of our power requirements from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). The remaining 10% is purchased with long term market contracts through Northwest Energy Management Services. Cheney's residential rate is currently 6 cents per kWH, which is among the lowest in the region.

All of Cheney's electric power is delivered to our substations through a transmission contract with BPA.
Cheney's 13.2 KV electrical distribution system consists of over 75 miles of overhead and underground lines. In addition we have over 60 miles of secondary (<600 volt) lines to deliver power to our customers. We also provide and maintain the City street light system, which consists of over 650 street lights. Most of our street lights have been converted to energy-saving LED style lights over the last several years.

Distribution Services

Cheney Light provides maintenance and construction services from its facilities at the City Utility Building, located at:
112 Anderson Road
Cheney, WA  99004

For information about the utility's rates or service policies, contact Steve Marx, Light Department Director, at 498-9230.

Locating Underground Utilities

If you need to locate underground utilities on your property - for instance, for installation of a fence or landscaping - call 811 or 800-424-5555 2 business days before you dig.