Conservation Rebates


Customers in the Cheney Light Department service area may be eligible for rebates on energy-saving improvements to their homes.

There are rebates available for both residential and commercial customers. To be eligible for rebates, the conservation measures must be installed in a home in the Cheney Light Department service area and may need to be verified by a city employee before the incentive is paid. Please note that the rebate program is a limited offer and is subject to the availability of funds.

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Residential Window & Patio Door Rebates

If you have an electrically-heated home within the Cheney Light Department service area and choose to replace old single-pane windows with qualifying energy-efficient windows, you may be eligible for a rebate. The City of Cheney will need to preinspect the existing windows and patio doors before any work begins, as well as inspecting the installed replacements.

Heat Pump Rebates

If you are a residential customer interested in a heat pump rebate, please contact the Light Department Office before having your heat pump installed. There are specific requirements for the contractor who is installing a heat pump. Please contact us before selecting a contractor to be certain your choice qualifies for the rebate program.

Residential Rebates for Clothes Washers and Electric Dryers

Rebates are available for certain Energy Star-rated washers and dryers.

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Commercial Lighting Rebates

For commercial customers interested in conservation measures, please email the Light Department Office or call them at 509-498-9230.