Sources of Energy

The City of Cheney is required by state law to notify its customers each year of the source of the electric power sold to Cheney Light customers.


The goal of "fuel mix" disclosure is to educate consumers on the fuel sources that generate this electricity.

As a full-requirements customer of Bonneville Power Administration, Cheney Light's fuel mix is largely determined by BPA's own resources and market purchases.

For more information about Cheney Light's wholesale energy purchases, email Steve Marx, Light Department Director.

Fuel Mix Report 2020

Source & Percentage

  • Hydro: 79.95%
  • Nuclear: 10.31%
  • Unspecified:  9.74%
  • Total: 100%

BPA's Hydropower Flows Here Education Campaign

"Hydropower Flows Here” is an education effort by Bonneville Power Administration, its regional power customers and other Pacific Northwest utilities that use hydropower to serve their retail consumers. The effort is intended to share information about the various attributes of this renewable, clean, reliable source of electricity that powers nearly 60 percent of Northwest homes and businesses.

For more information on the Hydropower Flows Here Campaign please visit the BPA Website.