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We have been dreading this day, but have been financially preparing over the last several years.  The Cheney Municipal Pool has had a catastrophic failure with the pump, motor, and shaft in the filtration system, and it is beyond repair. After opening and operating the pool for two days, Sunday morning pool staff arrived to discover the system was not operational.  Maintenance staff was called in to assess the problem which was initially thought to be a broken pipe.  Upon further examination by staff, the problem was worse than originally diagnosed.  Pump and mechanical experts were contacted to provide a thorough examination of the damage.   While we had hoped to be able to repair the damage to open the pool for another season, it was not meant to be.   Below are some pictures of the damage to the filtration equipment and pipes carrying water from the “pit” within the mechanical room at the pool house to the pool.  With that being said, we are closing the pool. We realize this is a huge disappointment, but we are planning some other activities to cool off this summer.

Aquatics and water features are an essential part of parks and recreation operations in cities across the country and our intent is to provide those amenities to the Cheney community. We have reserved some funds for pool/water play areas as new amenities to the community and while we don’t have enough to fully fund a large project, there are options to secure the additional money necessary to complete the anticipated projects.

Future of aquatics in Cheney:

Once we discovered the extent of the damage, City maintenance, recreation, and administrative staff met with the Mayor to discuss the situation and how to proceed from this point.  With every problem, there are opportunities for positive change.  It’s time to engage with the community to gather information and opinions regarding the desire to construct and operate a new aquatic facility and other water play amenities for the City of Cheney. Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for information regarding public meetings and other forums to provide input.  Data from our recently conducted public surveys show that splash pads are a highly desirable amenity to add to the City park's facilities in addition to a reliable pool for swim lessons and recreation.  

Our goal is to collect the data and quickly move to formulate plans and options for the community to consider regarding the future of aquatics and water play areas and how we, along with the community’s assistance, can fund these facilities.

Please know that we are as disappointed as you, and we are working diligently to try and make the best of the situation. The Cheney Outdoor Pool opened in 1964 and has been a focal point and staple of our community ever since. Most pools only last about 10-15 years before major maintenance is needed. We’ve extended that to over five decades due to dedicated and meticulous care by our maintenance and recreation staff and will continue this work as we advance with future projects. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time and look forward to future possibilities.

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Pool Policies

Inclement Weather

The pool will be closed if the outside air temperature is below 65 degrees or rain is causing a lack of visibility in the pool. In the event of thunder and/or lightning, the pool will be cleared, and patrons will not be allowed back in the water until 30 minutes have passed since the last flash/bang. Pool closure due to inclement weather or hazardous conditions is at the discretion of the Recreation Coordinator. In the event of low attendance, 10 patrons or fewer for one hour, the pool may close at the staff’s discretion.

Personal Flotation Device Policy

For safety concerns, in the event a child needs or wants to use a life jacket, a responsible adult is required to be in the water within arm’s reach of the swimmer.

Age Requirement

For the safety of youth, both in and out of the water, swimmers must be at least 12 years old and able to pass the swim test to be at the pool without an adult.