ECHO (Every Child Has Opportunities) is an elementary-aged before- and after-school program located at Windsor Elementary, Snowdon Elementary, Betz Elementary, and the Wren Pierson Community Center.

ECHO is a place where children have the opportunity to explore their interests, develop life skills, develop better social skills, engage in physical activities, develop healthy life styles, and build meaningful relationships with other children and adults.

Program Times

  • Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
How to Register Your Child for ECHO
  • Complete the registration form. The form MUST be completed in its entirety. All questions must be answered. If a question doesn't pertain to your child, please write "n/a," but do NOT leave any fields blank.
  • AFTER you have submitted the form, call 509-498-9250 to enroll your child. Submitting the form does NOT enroll your child in ECHO. You MUST call us to enroll.
  • All required information must be received with complete information and have enrollment confirmed by Cheney Parks & Recreation before children may attend ECHO. A new registration form must be completed every year.

Additional Information

We are only offering full-day care right now, but will open up to daily and before and after school in November. The cost for the week is $159.50 per child. This includes breakfast and morning and afternoon snack.
 Daily Rate  Monthly Rate
 AM - $16.75  AM - $122.50
 PM - $22.50  PM - $226.75
 AM & PM - $30.75  AM & PM - $267.00
 Full Day - $50.00  Full Day - $600.00

Discounted Months
November  December  April  June
 AM - $83.20  AM - $83.20
 AM - $94.50  AM - $71.50
 PM - $152.64  PM - $152.64
 PM - $175.50  PM - $130.50
 AM & PM - $179.68  AM & PM - $179.68
 AM & PM - $206.75
 AM & PM - $141.25
 Full Day - $400.00  Full Day - $400.00  Full Day - $478.50  Full Day - $478.50

Please read the 2020-2021 ECHO Handbook for everything you need to know about our ECHO Before and After School Program.

Please read the COVID-19 Policies & Procedures to ensure your child and everyone who is at ECHO remains safe during the pandemic. 

Inclement Weather & Holiday Closure

If inclement weather causes a 2-hour delay of the Cheney School District, all programs that begin prior to noon will be cancelled. All afternoon and evening programs will continue to run. If the Cheney Public Schools are closed, all Parks and Recreation programs will also be cancelled for the day. If programs are held on weekends, a decision will be made by 8 a.m. and posted on the City website, our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Classes will not meet on locally observed holidays unless otherwise noted by instructor.

Inclement Weather Guidelines