Sterling-Moorman House

About the Home

The Sterling-Moorman House, listed on the Cheney Register of Historic Places, was relocated in September 2006 from its original site at 4th and G Streets to a new home at the corner of 2nd and G Streets.

The move followed 2 years of efforts by City staff and the Historic Preservation Commission to save the building from demolition. Built 120 years ago, the Sterling-Moorman House is the only remaining example of the Gothic Revival architectural style in Cheney. It is believed to have been constructed by the property's first owner, a local carpenter named Frank Sterling. Its name also reflects long-time ownership by the James Madison Moorman family.

The modest house features its original Gothic arch fenestration, wood drop cladding, and a later shed-roof rear addition that housed the kitchen and bath. The hand-hewn beams undergirding the structure show complex peg-and-tenon joinery, revealing the craftsmanship of its builder.

The home was listed on the Cheney Register of Historic Places in 1997, having remained in the James Madison Moorman family for some 60 years before it was sold in early 2004. The City of Cheney proposed that the Sterling-Moorman House be moved and rehabilitated. The City Council allocated ongoing funding for building maintenance, and for relocation expenses not covered by grants and donations. Other direct costs associated with the move were covered by donated labor costs from CenturyTel (telephone service), the Cheney Light Department (electric service), and Davis Communications (cable TV provider).

Structure Report

The Sterling-Moorman House Historic Structure Report was prepared to guide restoration efforts. A copy of the document is available here, listed in 3 sections because of the file sizes:

What's Next?

Ongoing efforts to restore the Sterling-Moorman House to a useful role in the community are being led by the Sterling-Moorman House Foundation, and volunteers are welcome. The future is waiting to be written!

Restoration Project

The cost to rehabilitate the building will be covered by grant funding and community donations. If you are able to make a financial donation toward the restoration of the Sterling-Moorman House, mail your contribution to the Sterling-Moorman House Foundation, which is located at:
112 Anderson Road
Cheney, WA 99004

Please mark it clearly as a donation toward the historic house restoration project.

Sales of engraved bricks are also supporting the Restoration Project. Your purchase of a Pioneer Paver will support construction of a replica carriage house adjacent to the historic building, as well as provide needed funding for the ongoing repairs to the Sterling-Moorman House.

Hands-on Volunteer Opportunity

If you are willing to spend some time helping us prepare the site for further work, or if you have skills that would aid in the restoration of this building (including landscape design and maintenance), please download our Volunteer Application package today. (Be sure to take a look at the City of Cheney's Volunteer Policy, too.)

Sterling-Moorman House Foundation

Join the Sterling-Moorman House Foundation, which meets the last Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Utility Building, which is located at
112 Anderson Road
Cheney, WA  99004