Public Works Permits

Any construction work occurring within the City's right of way requires a permit authorizing such work.

Examples of such work include the installation of curbs and sidewalks as well as excavation work such as for the installation of underground utilities, and the improvement of an existing City street or the construction of a new City street.

Required Documents for Applications

Along with a completed application, other submittals may be required depending on the type of permit. Additional information can be found here:
  • Right of Way Excavation: Prior to any excavation in the City right of way an excavation permit must be obtained. (CMC 12.44)
  • Curb and Sidewalk: Prior to any curb and sidewalk construction or replacement a permit must be obtained. (CMC 12.20)
  • Access Connection Permit: The City permits ingress and egress onto the City's streets through the issuance of an access connection permit. (CMC 12.62)
  • Right of Way License: Use of the City right of way for the installation of fixed objects is permissible under certain conditions through the issuance of a right of way license. (CMC 12.38)
  • Street Improvement: All improvements to City streets or alleys shall require an approved permit. (CMC 12.46)

Additional Information