The Cheney Wastewater Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the collection and treatment processes to ensure the City is in compliance with all applicable state and federal clean water standards.

Collection System

The wastewater collection system consists of more than 40 miles of mains as well as 850 manholes and two lift stations. Wastewater is conveyed through the collection system to the treatment plant. The City's treatment plant has the capacity to treat 1.5 million gallons per day on an annual basis, but the plant can treat up to 2.7 million gallons a day during the month when the maximum flows are occurring.


The influent is biologically treated through a process that utilizes microorganisms to remove pathogens under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. A portion of the sludge is used to sustain the microbial level needed in order to treat the influent, and the balance of the sludge is dewatered and converted into a biosolid compost material that meets EPA criteria for use as a soil amendment known as EcoGreen.

Once the influent has been biologically treated, it is chlorinated and discharged to the City's 100 acre constructed wetlands for final polishing.

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