The Cheney Water Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the City's potable water production, distribution, and storage facilities.

Water Quality Parameter Notice to Drinking Water Customers

The Washington State Board of Health (SBOH) recently adopted a rule that requires our water system to test for a new class of contaminants, per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), not currently regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
 On October
7, 2021 the City of Cheney collected samples for per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from City Wells. Well 5 was the only well that PFAS was detected. A second set of samples taken from the well on December 6, 2021 confirmed the initial test results. Detected levels of PFAS in well 5 samples are low. As shown below, 4 of the 5 PFAS detections are below the state advisory levels. Well 5 is a seasonal well that provides water during the summer to meet higher demand. This well will remain out of service while we work with our partners to manage PFAS levels at the well.

 Drinking water
 samples collected from: City of Cheney Water System, ID#12400 N, Spokane County, Well 5 (S05) on October 07, 2021 included detections of the following PFAS contaminants. PFOS was detected above a State Action Level (SAL):

PFAS contaminate

Well # 5 Detected Level (ppt)

State Advisory Level SAL (ppt)


Health Advisory Level HAL (ppt)

PFOA - perfluorooctanoic acid



PFOA+PFOS (70ppt)

PFOS - perfluorooctane sulfonic acid



PFOA+PFOS (70ppt)

PFHxS - perfluorohexane sulfonic acid



PFNA - perfluorononanoic acid



PFBS - perfluorobutane sulfonic acid



     ppt - parts per trillion or nanograms per liter.

The federal health advisory level (HAL) is 70 ppt for PFOA+PFOS.  The combined PFAS+PFOS level in Well 5 is 42.56 ppt, well below of the federal HAL.

Although the levels detected at Well 5 are very low, it is nonetheless the City's responsibility and duty to notify our water customers of the testing requirements and results.

 Note:  Well 5 has been out of service since September 10, 2021, prior to the PFAS sampling.  Before Well 5 is placed back in-service, our customers will be notified in a timely manner with an opportunity to comment.

 What should you do?  There is nothing required of you at this time.

 What are the potential health effects?  There are many different PFAS and we are still learning about their health effects in people.

PFOS - Some people who drink water containing PFOS in excess of the SAL over many years may experience problems with their cholesterol, liver, thyroid, kidney, or immune systems; or have children with lower birthweights.

 Further information on PFAS can be found on the state's DOH website, and Spokane Regional Health District website to help you become an informed citizen and participate in any local decisions.

Department of Health PFAS information can be found here.

Spokane Regional Health District PFAS information can be found here.

About the Production Facility

Production facilities consist primarily of 8 active ground water wells that collectively can produce approximately 3,000 gallons per minute or 4.3 million gallons a day. The pumped potable water travels through an approximate 40-mile network of distribution mains ranging in size from 2 inches to 16 inches in diameter.

In addition to the distribution mains, there are also 3 booster stations that distribute water to the 2 high-pressure zones encompassing the City's water system.

Finally, potable water is stored in 1 of 5 reservoirs with a combined total storage capacity of approximately 4.4 million gallons.

2018 Water System Plan Update -Approved in 2020

The Washington State Department of Health approved the City of Cheney's Water System Plan Update on January 27, 2020. This plan will be in effect for the next six years.

2018 Water Conservation Plan
The final draft of the Water Conservation Plan was presented to City Council on July 23, 2019, and is available for review using the links below.

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