EcoGreen Compost

Biosolid Compost

EcoGreen is the brand name for the compost material that is created by combining treated organic wastewater material with yard waste and wood chips. This creates what is commonly referred to as biosolid compost.

The EcoGreen biosolid compost product meets the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency for use as a soil amendment and is therefore suitable for food producing plants.

Supplies are abundant this year, so consider amending your vegetable and flower gardens and top-dressing lawns to help conserve moisture.

Purchasing EcoGreen

EcoGreen in bulk quantities may be purchased by the general public for $12 per cubic yard (includes sales tax). You may also purchase 1/2 cubic yard for $6. The bulk product is sold Friday afternoons from noon to 3 p.m. on the first and last Fridays of the month from April to October, weather permitting.

Compost will be loaded onto your open-bed pickup truck or trailer. Stop at the Utility Building at 112 Anderson Road to pay first, and then follow the signs to the Wastewater Treatment Plant for loading.

Helpful Resources

For more information regarding the City's biosolid compost, please refer to the EcoGreen Compost Brochure, or call us at 498-9293.