Industrial & Commerce Park

The Cheney Industrial and Commerce Park has ready-to-build lots available now.
The Cheney Industrial and Commerce Park (CICP) is a technologically advanced business park which looks to serve the growing needs of the high tech and manufacturing industries in Eastern Washington.


The CICP is uniquely qualified to meet your needs because of its proximity to Spokane and the well-developed supply and service chain in various sectors ranging from aerospace manufacturing to digital media.

Situated on 35 acres within the city limits of Cheney, Washington, the CICP features varying lot sizes from a half of an acre to more than five acres. All lots are already fully serviced with all utilities and high speed fiber optics installed. The flexibility and options available at the CICP offer possibilities for businesses at any stage of development.

Developing a Partnership

The Cheney Industrial and Commerce Park was developed through a partnership between the City of Cheney and local manufacturer, AllPak Trojan. The City of Cheney is 60% owner of the CICP, with the goal of expanding and diversifying Cheney's economic base. Because a majority of the CICP is publicly owned, it is in a unique position to offer certain development incentives not found elsewhere.
Allpak Building

State Environmental Policy Act

To ensure rapid turn-around time for plan review and permitting, Cheney has completed the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process for conforming buildings in the CICP. This approach has effectively shortened the review process by over 45 days and allows companies constructing new buildings to focus on the work of getting up and running.