The Cheney Industrial and Commerce Park (CICP) is ready to accommodate any type of business interest through its full set of infrastructure services which are in place.

Business Accommodations

The CICP has streets and sidewalks fully developed and ready for access, but underneath the streets is where the real potential of the CICP lies. All water, sewer, and electrical services are fully installed and ready for extension to a development.
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The CICP is also fully ready to accommodate businesses which demand high speed broadband access to survive. The high speed fiber optic line currently installed at the CICP features 96 strands to serve every lot. At capacity speeds of one gigabyte per strand, the fiber optic network offers blazingly fast connectivity which is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all types.


Cheney maintains an extremely reliable power system while featuring some of the lowest electric rates in the region. The Cheney Light Department is a municipal power provider with a goal to keep rates low for all segments of energy consumers. This means residents and small commercial businesses enjoy substantial yearly savings. The importance of low cost power becomes more evident for large electricity consumers. Large commercial and industrial operations see major cost savings annually which can add up to millions of dollars back into the operation over several years.

Not only are all utilities installed and ready for connection, but the City of Cheney has already completed the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process for conforming buildings in the CICP. This allows companies constructing new buildings to focus more on the work of getting up and running by shortening the review process by more than 45 days.