Clean Technology

The greater Spokane region is leading the charge in creating opportunities for clean technology and energy efficient businesses to grow and thrive.

Renewable Energy Incentives

Thanks to state-wide incentives for renewable energy production and tax breaks for renewable energy businesses, there are more than 50 clean technology and energy efficient companies in the Spokane region.

The growth of clean technology and energy efficient companies in the region has generated extended opportunities in the field and attracted highly skilled workers in this emerging discipline.

Eastern Washington University Programs

As with any new field, companies that hope to succeed need to stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge and practices. The presence of Eastern Washington University’s Computer Science and Electrical Engineering programs in Cheney provide 2 of the key ingredients for this specialized field.

Not only can developing companies find highly skilled employees with the latest knowledge, but the school’s commitment to offering real-world experiences to its students creates the opportunity to tap into current students for part-time or project-focused help.

Quality of Life Quote

"The city of Cheney is actively engaging employers who wish to take advantage of the region's quality of life, easy access to key transportation hubs, affordable energy prices, and its skilled and educated labor pool. I know city leaders are willing to work with businesses - both large and small - who are looking to expand or relocate operations to a more business-friendly environment in Eastern Washington. I highly recommend Cheney as an excellent place to live, work and raise a family."
- Washington State Representative Joe Schmick