Information Technology

The greater Spokane region has become a recognized networking and telecommunications hub in the Pacific Northwest.

Local Information Technology Companies

The push has been led by companies like Itron, Inc., the world's leading electronic meter reading and energy management software company; Telect, a producer of network infrastructure equipment; and AMX Autopatch Group, an electronic switching equipment manufacturer based in Cheney.
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The story of AMX Autopatch Group is one that speaks to the possibilities created by the presence of Eastern Washington University's Computer Science and Engineering programs. The Autopatch Group spun out of EWU by taking advantage of the wealth of electrical engineering and computer science knowledge flowing through Cheney.

Digital Archives

The Washington State Digital Archives, located in Cheney, is another example of a group taking advantage of the area's connectivity, highly skilled workforce, and higher quality of life.

Software Movies

The region also boasts a diverse and growing collection of entrepreneurial software firms including AdvantageIQ, Critical Logic, NextIT, and Agilent.


Growth in this regional industry is largely attributed to the ability to attract and retain employees through the higher quality of life in the region, and through the availability of high speed infrastructure.