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Cheney has a better labor market than almost any city its size because of its proximity to the population hub of Spokane, its low cost of living, and its status as the home of Eastern Washington University. The young, highly educated labor pool in and around Cheney offers an amazing deal for any employer.


Cheney's location offers businesses easy access to the labor market of Spokane because it's just a short 20 minute trip from downtown Spokane to Cheney.

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EWU students and graduates are a skilled local workforce.
The age structure in Cheney is heavily dominated by residents between the ages of 20 to 29, with 36% of the population falling in that range-more than twice as much as the statewide average. At the same time, almost 45% of Cheney residents hold at least a bachelor's degree, which far out-paces the rest of the state at 31%.

This generally young and educated workforce easily allows employers to save substantially on labor costs for the same high-quality workers. The young employees, in turn, enjoy the lower cost of living experienced in Cheney and the greater Spokane region.

Cheney not only offers an expansive pool of young college graduates, but also an unending supply of college students looking for relevant experience in their fields of study. Low-cost internship opportunities can easily be formed in any of the degree programs offered at EWU, including: Computer Science (BS, MS), Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Web Design, and many more.