Technical Education

The proximity of the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Engineering and Computer Science programs to the Cheney Industrial and Commerce Park puts local high tech and manufacturing companies in a highly advantageous position.
CICP Technical Education Studies
Not only do local companies have direct access to highly qualified graduates, but the university's commitment to providing practical, real-world internships allows local firms to take advantage of the highly specialized skills of EWU students on a part-time, or project focused basis.

Businesses in Cheney don't just benefit from the wealth of higher education, but also from the community's commitment to basic education in the vital fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Cheney School District

Cheney School District routinely scores above the statewide average on standardized test scores across the board, but the District far out-paces peer institutions when it comes to the science and math components.

This commitment to basic math and science skills, coupled with additional technical training found at the many regional community and technical colleges, means that, from top to bottom, Cheney's workforce is ready for anything.

EWU Computer Science / Engineering Degrees

Computer Science

Students learn general programming and programming for specific environments. This degree focuses on database programming, network security, and operating systems.

Computer Information Systems

The EWU Information Systems program provides significant formal training in database and web programming. The EWU program emphasizes data analysis, marketing, and economics.

Electrical Engineering

EWU Electrical Engineering students tackle real-world issues presented by industry as part of their studies. Students concentrate in several areas including digital signal processing, communication systems, and control systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Students in the EWU Mechanical Engineering program focus on concentrations from robotics and automation to thermodynamics and heat transfer.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

The Mechanical Engineering Technology program focuses on the direct application of engineering concepts. MET students concentrate in manufacturing and focus on topics like quality assurance, welding, and CNC machining.