Probation Services

Cheney Municipal Court Probation provides probation services for adult misdemeanor criminal defendants.

What is Probation

When a defendant is found/pleads guilty in Municipal Court, the judge may or may not place the defendant on probation. If the defendant is placed on probation, either supervised or unsupervised, the defendant can expect to schedule a probation appointment at the court clerk's window immediately following sentencing.

At the probation appointment a brief intake interview will be conducted. During intake, the defendant will be advised of all probation conditions and necessary referrals.

Types of Probation


If the defendant is placed on "supervised" probation, a risk assessment will be done to determine how often the defendant will be required to see the probation officer in person, versus phone or mail contact.


If the defendant is placed on "unsupervised" probation, he/she will not need to return to the probation office unless there is a probation violation.

Monitoring Defendants

Probation Services also monitors defendants who have entered into a Continuance for Dismissal (CFD) agreement or defendants who are placed on pretrial release conditions.