Recycle Unwanted Electronics

Recycle unwanted electronics such as broken, worn out, or obsolete phones, printers, computers, and televisions at The Artisans truck in the Amazing Grace Fellowship parking lot, 416 Betz Road, from 9:00 to 12 noon on Clean Sweep Day, April 27. Most items are free to recycle; a nominal charge is made for large-tube televisions and computer monitors.  

Items accepted free of charge:

Batteries, cellphones, communications equipment, computers, laptops, printers, DVD Players, VCRs, small household appliances, miscellaneous electronics, miscellaneous office machines, PDAs, handheld game devices, servers, routers, hubs, stereo and audio equipment, televisions (LCD and LED), cardboard, scrap metal (rotors, brakes, vehicle body parts, engine parts with oil/fluids removed), construction metal and wiring, rims (no tires), office paper, newspaper, shredded paper (accepted, but do not provide shredding services), and aluminum cans.

Items accepted and services provided for a fee include:

  • 10" - 20" CRT Monitors/TVs - $10 each
  • 21" - 36" CRT Monitors/TVs - $20 each
  • 37" + CRT TVs and Projection Televisions - $30 each
  • Data Wiping - $10 per Hard Drive

Electronic products contain valuable materials that can be recycled and toxic chemicals that should be kept out of the landfill.