For the last thirteen years, volunteers have collected litter and cleaned up public spaces all across the city in April.

Covid-19 Changes Things

This year, in response to continued advisories from regional health agencies due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering a modified Clean Sweep opportunity.  Instead of gathering in a City Park to start & end the event, we invite volunteers to comb the neighborhoods of Cheney on your own time, any time during the week of April 19 - 24, looking for litter.  Work in small groups, with members of your immediate household, wearing appropriate face coverings and keeping safe distance away from other people.

Volunteers will work on cleaning up a specific area of the city.  Choose to work in your own neighborhood, or pick up a 'hotspot' map and concentrate on a particular area that needs some help.

Monday - Friday:  Pick up a litter bag, an assignment map, and a Clean Sweep tote bag from outside the Utility Building, 112 Anderson RD (available 9:00 to 5:00, Monday - Friday).  Pick up litter wherever you find it, along streets and alleys (but ONLY in the public right-of-way), and return your litter bag to the Utility Building for disposal.  (Keep the reusable tote bag as a thank you gift!)


Please wear clothing that fits the task of walking and doing yard work outdoors. (No sandals or open-toed shoes, for safety reasons.)  This year, more than ever, we recommend disposable gloves, and of course, face coverings when you will be within 6' of other people.