Recycling Services

Recycling Center

In order to reopen the Cheney Recycling Center during COVID-19 Governor's Stay at Home Order, and in keeping Cheney residents and City staff safe, recycling services will be conducted outdoors through a drive through facility and self-service disposal:

  • Disposal of recycling materials will be comingled.  Large recyclable products such as cardboard will need to be broken down and folded to fit in dumpsters.

  • Dumpsters for recyclables will be located outside and around the Recycling Center.

  • Residents will pull up to the entrance gate and wait for the next available dumpster to dispose of their recycling products.

  • Dumpsters will be spaced to allow social distancing when disposing recyclables.

  • Residents are to stay in their cars until a dumpster is available.

  • City staff will be onsite to direct vehicles to available dumpsters.

  • Citizens are encouraged to wear facial coverings and additional PPE, such as gloves, to reduce the risk of spreading or exposure to the virus.

In anticipation of increased traffic at the recycling site, we ask for patience from the public as they deliver their recycling materials to the facility.  Please be respectful of city staff and other patrons as we work through implementing these alternate arrangements.

Accepted Materials

The following materials are accepted at the Cheney Recycling Center:

  • Aluminum
  • Batteries (household and automobile)
  • Cardboard (corrugated)
  • Motor Oil
  • Paper Products (colored ledger paper, computer paper, magazines, newspapers, phone books, white ledger paper)
  • Plastic Products (HDPE and PETE)
  • Tin

Materials Not Accepted

  • Glass
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Paint
  • Styrofoam

​Additional Resources

Cheney is a participating member of the Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System. Membership benefits are extended to City of Cheney residents and include valuable resources such as free recycling drop off and free hazardous waste drop off at Spokane County regional Solid Waste System Disposal Locations. Cheney residents unable to make it to Cheney’s Recycling Center during normal hours of operation are encouraged to take advantage of these additional drop off locations. To learn more about Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System benefits click here.

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