E-Hearing (Electronic Hearing)

Notice: You MUST have a scheduled court date to use this option. To get a court date you must return your copy of the ticket to the court indicating which type of hearing you wish to have. E-Hearings are for civil infractions and parking tickets only.
Please note: 
There is no appeal if you elect to use the e-hearing process IRLJ 3.5(a)(4). If you wish to preserve your right to appeal on a CONTESTED hearing, you must appear in person at the date and time set by the court.

The following guidelines apply:
1. Y
our statement and any evidentiary documentation, must be received no later than two days prior to your scheduled hearing date.
2. if you want to subpoena the officer you will need to schedule a hearing for a date and time when you can appear in person. Contact the court for assistance with the subpoena filing and service requirements.
3. Please submit a separate statement and any evidence for each ticket.
Decision on Written Statement are governed Washington State Court Rule IRLJ 2.6 (c)

Begin E-Hearing

Mitigation Hearing

Mitigation means you admit to committing the violation(s) but would like a reduction in the fine amount. During this process you may comment on your side of the story. You understand that "traffic" tickets will go on your driving record. Non-traffic infractions and parking tickets do not go on your driving record. There is no appeal allowed on Decision on Written Statement.

Contested Hearing

Contested means you believe you did not commit the infraction and would like to dispute the charge(s). The judge will review the officer's sworn statement along with any attached report(s) and your sworn statement and any paper documentation submitted in advance to the courtclerk@cityofcheney.org . The judge's decision will be based on the preponderance of the evidence. The judges decision is final. There is no appeal allowed on Decision of Written Statement.