Moving In


To connect service, we require the correct address, a utility deposit, and picture ID. The amount of your deposit varies according to how many services are at your location.     The City provides four utility services:  electric, water, sewer and garbage. The account will be placed into one name only.  

Number of Services - Amount of Deposit

  • One or two services - $150
  • Three services - $175
  • Four services - $200

Please note:  if you are using the on-line application to sign-up for utilities, you must pay your deposit through online payments immediately after submitting your utility application.  Without the pre-paid deposit, your utilities will not be turned on as requested.


Complete the Utility Sign-Up Form or the Business Utility Sign-Up Form and submit to open an account. To receive same day service, we must receive your application by 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you are requesting service for a future date, please note the requested date on the form. If no date or an invalid date is requested, we will open the account on the next available business day.


After the account is opened in your name, you are responsible for the bill until the account is closed. Only one person's name can be on an account. The account holder is solely responsible for the account and the only one that can make payment arrangements or any account changes.  Payments on utility accounts can be made by any party.