The City of Cheney has no business and occupation taxes and has very affordable and competitive utility costs. Currently over 200 businesses are operating in Cheney, from the very small entrepreneur to the largest employer of over 2,000 employees (EWU).

Technology for Business

The City of Cheney is poised to become more technology based as an economy due to the City's development of a fiber optic network and the near future plans for greater expansion of the network. The fiber optic network is planned to be distributed to all businesses in Cheney to provide high speed access to the Internet for the competitive business needs of today.

Taxes, Utilities, Power, and Permits

The property taxes in the City of Cheney are very competitive, with the 2019 local levy rate amounting to $11.57 per thousand of assessed value.

Utility rates are some of the most affordable within the Inland Northwest. Our current utility rates can be found here.

Building permit costs and planning processes are standard, but the City boasts of a very quick turn-around for permits and special attention for development needs.

Property Development

There is currently ample business property to develop in our light industrial zones and general commercial zones. Public infrastructure is generally accessible to all developable property, with a number of lots ready for construction on a build-to-suit basis.

Available Workforce and Assistance

New business ventures can expect an available workforce that is willing and easily trained to move into just about any type of new job. There is also the immediate availability of college students for semi-skilled part-time work and temporary work needs.

The City of Cheney is well known for its positive approach to helping new and existing businesses with any regulatory issues and providing assistance through the land use planning processes.

Opportunities Abound

Growth in Eastern Washington University's enrollment, coupled with the overall growth of the community, is fueling considerable interest in Cheney's commercial retail opportunities.

The City of Cheney is very accommodating to new business proposals and the expansion of existing business.

Home-based businesses are allowed in residential zones, but not to the point where the business is more prominent than the residence. If you are thinking about establishing a home-based business (home occupation), an overview of the zoning requirements is available here.