Residential Trash Service

General Rules & Guidelines

  • These service levels are designed to meet individual needs of Cheney citizens in regard to solid waste disposal.
  • You should not consistently generate refuse in excess of the selected service level.
  • The contents must dump out readily when the can is inverted.
  • Any additional bags, etc., shall require an additional charge.
  • Seasonal changes in rates cannot be made due to the paperwork and administrative costs involved.
  • You will be billed and financially responsible for compliance with the terms of this application and other applicable City ordinances, rates, and regulations.

Solid Waste Residential Pickup Map

Cart Placement & Storage

  • Our services use advanced automated trucks equipped with a lifting mechanism on the side that picks up and empties your containers. This operation allows us to collect refuse and yard waste more efficiently, which stabilizes the cost, improves service and reduces work-related injuries.
  • Place your cart at the curb by 6 a.m. to ensure it's there when the truck arrives. Don't place it under an eave or a basketball hoop and put it within two feet of the curb.
  • Make sure the lid opens toward the street or alley.
  • Don't overload the cart. There's a 250-pound weight limit.
  • Don't let material extend outside of the cart. You will be charged for an over filled cart if the lid has more than a 45-degree angle when closed.

Damaged Cart

If your cart needs to be replaced or repaired due to general wear and tear from normal operations, then you do not have to pay for it. If the cart needs to be replaced or repaired due to customer negligence then you will be billed for a replacement cart.

Missed Garbage

If your service is missed due to not being out, or the driver didn't get it, give us a call as soon as possible, we can come and get it. Credits cannot be issued for missed pickups.

Extra Pickup

If you find that you have a surplus of garbage, we can do an extra pickup Mondays through Thursdays for a small fee.

Special Item Pickup

The City of Cheney offers a special item pickup for residents that have a large item that they cannot haul away. We can arrange a special pickup for a small fee. Give us a call for more information and to make arrangements.

Large Item Pickup Event Information

Once a year, the city has a Large Item Pickup Event where residents are able to place what would amount to a normal size truck load at the curb and we will pick it up for you for a reasonable charge. April is usually the month we schedule it so keep your eye on the monthly newsletter in your bill and check our website for details on how to use this service.

Holiday Schedules

In the event a City-observed holiday falls on a weekday, all refuse and yard waste collection services scheduled on that day and for the remainder of the collection week shall be delayed one day. Please refer to the City of Cheney calendar for observed holiday dates.

Increasing/Decreasing the Size of My Garbage Cart

Please call the Finance Department at 509-498-9209 to change your cart size. Changes will usually occur on your next garbage day. Be sure to leave your current cart out so the swap can occur.