Utility Billing and Collections

The City of Cheney offers 4 utilities for our citizens: electric, water, sewer and solid waste. Customer Service for billing and payments is easily available in the Finance Department. 

Utility Payment Options

 There are several ways to pay utility bills:

1.    Pay by check.    The city receives payments through the mail and the conveniently located and secure drop box in the front door of City Hall.

2.    Pay by credit card on the City’s website.   A processing fee of 2.49% will be added to your credit card charge by the credit card processor.  The City does not charge or keep that fee. 

3.    Pay using your bill pay option at your bank.  Please contact your bank for details for possible charges. 

4.    Pay by cash.    The City will receive cash in the drop box, please ensure your bill stub with the payment noting the account and/or address.   Please do not mail cash. 

5.    Pay using DOXO.  DOXO is our paperless billing partner and allows payments using credit cards and direct debts from your checking account.    There is a credit card fee associated with your transaction through DOXO with a smaller fee for automatic debits directly from your checking account.  

Active Utility Accounts

  • Utility Bills are mailed the last working day of each month.
  • Utility Payments are due the 15th of each month.  Weekend of holiday moves due date to the next working day.
  • Late fees of $1/service or 1% of total bill are added the day following due date.
  • A total of two late notices are mailed and a disconnect order notice is delivered the day prior to disconnect day.   A $30 fee is added if account receives a disconnect order notice.
  • Disconnects are performed monthly on all unpaid utility accounts.

Closed Utility Accounts

  • All Final bills are due in full two weeks after bill is mailed.
  • The City will send two reminder notices for  payment and a 30 day collection letter giving a final date bill can be paid in full without additional collection fees.
  • All utility accounts are sent to a 3rd party collection service 60 days after the final bill due date.   Collection fees and daily interest are then added to the debt.  
  • Once the account is submitted for collections, all contact, arrangement, and payment must be made to the collection agency.  The collection agency will make your payment to the City.
  • Unpaid utility bills are an unrecorded utility lien on the property and must be paid in full when the property is sold.    Fees and interest will continue to accrue on the original debt.

Additional Utility Information and Utility Sign-up

Utility Services