On-Line Payments

Following the recommendations from the Department of Health and the Spokane Regional Health District for social distancing, the processing fee for credit card/debit card payments has been temporarily suspended as of March 18, 2020.  

The City encourages all customers to make their utility, public record, court fees and parking tickets and building permit fees on-line.  

The City of Cheney is pleased to provide on-line payments for your convenience.  From this button, payments may be made for:

Please click on the type of payment you would like to make above to access that department.  

There is a 2.49% transaction fee on all credit/debit card payments.    ACH debits can be made for a flat $1.50 per transaction.    Fee has been temporarily suspended as of 3/18/2020 to encourage on-line payments. 

Be advised a $40.00 returned item fee is charged to all returned ACH payments and credit card charge backs.    

Thank you!