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Regular City Council Meeting Agenda

City Council Chambers & Zoom

May 10, 2022 - 6:00 p.m.


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Citizen Comments: Open to Public (two minute limit)

Council comments may be submitted via email to or by dropping off written comments in the drop box at Cheney City Hall, 609 2nd St. All comments must be received by 5:00 p.m. the day of the meeting. In-person and virtual participants will have the opportunity to comment during the meeting.  If you want to provide verbal comments during the meeting, please email by 5:00 p.m. the day of the meeting and provide the topic you would like to speak about.




Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of April 26, 2022

  1. 4-26-22.pdf



Voucher Total = $253,265.80


Payroll Total = $979,848.57


Claims for Damages


Small Contracts (Less than $10,000) - Approved by Mayor


Kris Wilder - Women's Self-Defense Class = $35 per participant


WSDOT - Mayfest Pedestrian Event Agreement - No Cost


Zero dB Communications - City of Cheney Collector Project = $7,311.0 plus taxes


Information Items




Action Items


Public Hearings




22-054 - Resolution F-027 - LUA2021-008 Blackhawk Ridge Addition Preliminary Plat

On March 14, 2022, the Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on the Blackhawk Ridge Addition Preliminary Plat.  At the conclusion of the Public Hearing, the Planning Commission recommended that the City Council deny the Blackhawk Ridge Addition Preliminary Plat. 

On April 26, 2022, the City Council voted to continue the Closed Record Hearing to May 10, 2022 for the purpose of considering a Development Agreement. Subsequently, the developer has decided to pursue a Developers Agreement and requests additional time to prepare the agreement for consideration at the May 24, 2022 Council Meeting.


22-056 - Resolution F-029 - 2022 Lodging Tax Disbursement

The City received the attached lodging tax application from the Cheney Merchants Association for Cheney Rodeo and the Civil War Association.    The Lodging Tax committee met May 3,2022 to discuss the applications and has recommended approval of $5,900 for fund the Cheney Rodeo to be held July 8, 2022 – July 10, 2022 and $4,450 to fund the Civil War Association to be held May 27 – May 30, 2022.    


22-057 - Resolution F-030 - Agreement for City Prosecutor Services with Michael R. Addams

A resolution of the city council of the City of Cheney, Washington, authorizing the Mayor to sign an agreement with Michael R. Addams for the provision of City Prosecutor services.  Mr. Addams is proposed as the candidate to replace Angelle Gerl who tended her resignation to pursue other opportunities.


22-058 - Resolution F-031 - Daupler Incident Response Management System Service Agreement

Resolution E-873 authorized the Light Department to enter into a 12-month renewable pilot program with Daupler, Inc. to provide dispatch services for the city.  The pilot program redirected utility incident calls from the Police Department to a Daupler call center for incident reporting and callouts. The program has been successful and Staff is recommending acceptance of Daupler’s proposal to transition to a three-year service agreement for 2022-2024. Annual cost of $8,000 per year, for three years is $24,000 plus applicable taxes. Program costs will be shared between the Light and Public Works Departments. In addition, staff is requesting 10% additional to cover an annual “technology uplift” fee increase which is capped at 10% per year. 


22-059 - Resolution F-032 - Water Department Generator Maintenance Agreement

The Cheney Water Department received a 3-year planned maintenance proposal from Cummins, Inc. for the maintenance, inspection and repair of generators used to backup Well #8, Booster Station #2, and Booster Station #3. The proposed service agreement is for 2022-2024, with an average annual expenditure of $ 5,500.00, and a combined appropriation totaling $ 16,500.00. 


22-060 - Resolution F-033 - Cheney Swimming Pool Assessment Study Consultant Agreement

The City of Cheney solicited a request for proposals to provide analysis and recommendations for the renovation or replacement of the city pool and pool house.  Three proposals were received with NAC, Inc. being selected by the Pool Assessment Selection Committee.  


22-061 - Resolution F-034 - 2022 Transformer Purchase Acceptance of Bid

The Light Department issued an invitation to bid for the purchase of 136 transformers. Two bids were received, with General Pacific, Inc. submitting the lone responsive bid, with an amount totaling $1,369,100.00 plus sales tax.   Delivery of transformers is estimated to be 26-64 weeks.  The bid prices and delivery times are subject to change due to supply chain issues.  A final price and delivery date will be determined before production of any part of the order, and the option to increase/decrease or cancel the order is offered due to escalating costs and supply chain uncertainty. 


22-062 - Resolution F-035 - Purple Pipe Project DOE Water Quality Combined Financial Assistance Agreement Resolution Amendment

City Council approved Resolution F-026 on April 26, 2022.  The resolution needed to include the term and loan percentage rate.  Resolution F- amends Resolution F-026 to include the term (20 years) and loan percent (1.2%)


22-063 - Resolution F-036 - Declaration of Surplus Equipment - Street Sweeper #225

In accordance with CMC 2.74, the City Council has the authority to declare real property as surplus and the City Council may establish sale price through minimum bid process.  Staff is recommending to sell the Street Sweeper to a municipality for $ 20,000.


22-064 - Resolution F-037 - Washington St to W 6th Project Construction Authorization

Design of the Washington Street SR 904 to W6th Project is near completion, and ready to request construction funding from WSDOT.  A local agency agreement supplement is required to authorize construction funding.




Other Business


Staff Reports


Mayor's Report


Council Reports


Executive Session


Conclusion of Meeting