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Regular City Council Meeting Agenda
City Council Chambers
June 12, 2018 - 6:00 p.m.


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Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of May 22, 2018

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Voucher Total = $423,010.85


Payroll Total = $871,015.87


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18-052 - Resolution E-626 - Cheney High School Conditional Use Permit

Jeff McClure, on behalf of the Cheney School District #360, seeks a conditional use permit and variance in order to allow construction of a single-story classroom, an auditorium, a gymnasium, and a building for student commons and other educational support services, totaling approximately 75,000 square feet. The proposal also includes a request for a variance to allow the auditorium to be 54 feet tall rather than only 36 feet tall, the maximum height in the zoning district. The Hearing Examiner recommends approval of the conditional use permit, subject to conditions. The Hearing Examiner recommends denial of the variance application. 

18-055 - Resolution E-629 - Acceptance of ESO Solutions, Inc. Software Services Proposal

Fire recommends council passage to enter into the ESO Solutions, Inc. proposal agreement to provide certain technology products and/or services for the management and oversight of medical emergencies. 

18-056 - Resolution E-621 - Acceptance of Digitial Records Grant

The City applied for and received a grant from the Washington State Local Records Grant program for the digitizing of historical ordinances, resolutions, minutes, and council agenda packets. The City is receiving $33,000 for this project. After the records are digitized, the original documents will be transferred to the State Archives for storage and preservation. The City will provide an index for all ordinance and resolutions allowing the public to research, search and request copies of the documents from the State Archives.

18-058 - Resolution E-631 - Concrete Vault Purchase

The Light Department issued an invitation to bid for the purchase of a concrete vaults. Staff requests authorization to purchase the concrete vaults based on the low bid.

18-059 - Resolution E-632 - Primary Meter Cabinet Purchase

The Light Department issued an invitation to bid for the purchase of a primary meter cabinet. Staff requests authorization to purchase the primary meter cabinet based on the low bid.

18-060 - Resolution E-633 - Electric Service Rate for New Large Single Load

Establishing Electric Service Rate for Large Single Load for Willow Street Mining and other new large data centers.



18-057 - Ordinance X-28 and Resolution E-630 - LOCAL Financing Packet

The City applied for LOCAL financing from the Washington State Treasurer to fund a portion of the new fire truck purchase. The City has been notified we have been approved for up to the fully requested $600,000 for that purchase. Ordinance X-28 authorizes the execution of a financing contract and related documentation to the acquisition of the fire truck. Resolution E-630 states the entire purchase will be made from our General Fund and the City expects to be reimbursed for up to $600,000 of that purchase from the State LOCAL program. Additional documents required to be submitted include: Certificate of Authorized Representatives to sign all documents, Local Agency Financing Contract, Certificate of Incumbency for elected officials, Local Counsel Escrow Letter, Opinion of Local Agency Counsel, Local Agency Tax Certificate, and a Personal Property Certificate.

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