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Regular City Council Meeting Agenda
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July 28, 2020 - 6:00 p.m.


Virtual Participation

In response to Governor Inslee's Proclamation 20-28.7 regarding Open Public Meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be a physical meeting location for the City Council meeting.  The public is encouraged to attend the meeting by clicking on the link or calling the phone number below.  If you have technical difficulties, please call 509-498-9255.

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Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of July 14, 2020

  1. 7-14-20.pdf



Voucher Total = $617,916.68


Claims for Damages


Small Contracts (Less than $10,000) - Approved by Mayor


Information Items


Discussion of FCS Rate Study on Water Rates




Citizen Comments

Comments must be submitted via email to or by dropping off written comments in the drop box at Cheney City Hall, 609 2nd St.  All comments must be received by 5:00 p.m. July 14, 2020.

Action Items


Public Hearings




20-013 - Resolution E-804 - 2020 Utility Charges

The attached utility charges and fees schedule will update the Water System Development Charges to the recommendation from the Water Cost of Service Rate Study perform by FCS Group. Rates for Light, Garbage and Sewer rates will remain unchanged.

 The Council considered the resolution on February 26, 2020 and March 10, 2020. The item has been deferred until now due to the COVID-19 pandemic virtual meeting restrictions on the type of council action to be considered virtually. Those restrictions have now been lifted by the Governor.

20-046 - Resolution E-833 - View Acres 5th Addition - Phase 1

Resolution to approve the final plat for View Acres 5th Addition – Phase 1. Council deferred approval from July 14th to July 28th.

20-053 - Resolution E-840 - Purple Pipe Project Filter System Award

Bids were opened on June 17, 2020 for the Purple Pipe Project Filter System.  Based on evaluation of bids by Esvelt Environmental Engineering, staff recommends award to Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. for the amount of $629,965.00 plus applicable taxes.  Funding for the purchase of the UV system will come from a direct appropriation grant from the Department of Commerce.

20-054 - Resolution E-841 - Purple Pipe Project UV System Award

Bids were opened on June 17, 2020 for the Purple Pipe Project UV System. Enaqua submitted the only bid for $ 1,114,908.00 plus applicable taxes. Funding for the purchase of the UV system will come from a direct appropriation grant from the Department of Commerce.

20-055 - Resolution E-842 - Washington Street Preservation Project Supplemental Agreement Two

Supplemental Agreement Two is to adjust federal/local funding based on the actual bid results.

20-056 - Resolution E-843 - 2020 TIB Preservation Grant Application

The Transportation Improvement Board is soliciting applications from qualified agencies for transportation preservation projects. City Staff is proposing to submit an application for design and construction preservation funding for Clay Street and 6th Street. Grant funding requires a 10% match.  Applications are due August 14, 2020. Recommendation for funding is scheduled for November 19, 2020.   

20-057 - Resolution E-844 - Avista Edge Master Equipment Lease and Service Agreement

A resolution authorizing the mayor to sign a master equipment lease and services agreement with Avista Edge to begin a pilot program for the provision of fixed wireless broadband internet service through the City's electric meter infrastructure using Avista Edge's proprietary technology and services.

20-058 - Resolution E-845 - CARES Small Business Assistance Program

A resolution allocating a portion of the CARES funding to create a small business assistance program for businesses in the City of Cheney.



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