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Posted on: January 29, 2024

Help City Crews Keep Things Flowing: What NOT to Flush

Items with packages that say "flushable" or "safe for pipes" don't make it true.  Many items marketed as disposable and/or flushable are not biodegradable like toilet paper.  These items could still wind up clogging pipes,  stop pumps, or cause sanitary sewer overflow into streets, businesses and homes.  In fact, City crews had a close call recently when they found a tangle of "wet wipes" slowing waste water near a large apartment complex.

Here are some commonly-flushed supplies that should be kept OUT of the toilet:

  • Aquarium Gravel                          
  • Baby/Facial/Cleaning Wipes                     
  • Bandages                    
  • Candy/Food Wrappers                     
  • Cigarette Butts                          
  • Clothing Labels                     
  • Cotton Swabs/Cotton Balls                         
  • Dental Floss                        
  • Diapers                       
  • Disposable Toilet Brush                    
  • Expired Medication
  • Fat, Cooking Oil, Grease                  
  • Fruit Stickers                       
  • Hair                      
  • Kitty Litter                       
  • Paper Towels                          
  • Plastic Items                        
  • Rags & Towels                          
  • Rubber Items (ex. gloves)                        
  • Syringes                         
  • Tampons/Sanitary Napkins

Remember:  It's a toilet, not a trash can!  If it's not toilet paper or human waste, it doesn't belong!

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