What is a Contested Hearing?

If you believe you did not commit the violation then you should select the third box, and request a contested hearing. Unless you request the officer to be subpoenaed, the procedure at the hearing will be for the Judge to read the sworn statement of the officer. Then you may testify or present any evidence or witnesses that you wish. If you want to have the officer present, please submit your request in writing at the time you present your ticket or as soon thereafter as possible so the hearing can be appropriately scheduled. Officers are not required to be present unless subpoenaed. There are instructions on the back of the hearing notice you will need to read that address this topic as well as other information. As a result of a contested hearing, the penalty may stay the same, be reduced, dismissed, or found not committed. A contested infraction hearing is a civil case and the Judge will decide the case based on the preponderance of the evidence.

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