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City Clerk

  1. Public Records Request Form

    Request for records from the City of Cheney

Code Enforcement

  1. Code Complaint Form

    Instructions: To initiate an investigation, completely fill out this form and click on the submit button. Code compliance personnel may... More…

Finance Department

  1. Auto-Connect Enrollment Form (Property Owners only)
  2. Curb Side Clean Green Disposal
  3. On-Call Dumpster Application

    On Call Dumpster Application

  4. Request to Disconnect/End Utility Service

    Request to End/Disconnect Utility Services. Utilities can be ended/disconnected by the account holder only. Please be sure to check... More…

  5. Utility Sign-Up
  1. Budget Billing Enrollment Form

    Budget Billing Enrollment Form

  2. Lodging Tax Use Reporting Form

    Form required from awardees for submission of lodging tax uses.

  3. Request for Letter of Credit
  4. Utility Application for Service - Business

    Utility Application for Utility Services - Business