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Auto-Connect Enrollment Form (Property Owners only)

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  2. Utility Auto-Connect Enrollment
  3. Please list all service addresses you are wishing to be placed on the Auto-Connect Program
  4. Owner/Property Manager Responsibilities and Program Guidelines:
  5. 1. When the active tenant terminates services, the utilities will be automatically placed back into the owner/property manager name and that person will be responsible for the bill from that day forward.
  6. 2. If the active tenant does not pay their bill, utilities will be disconnected for non-payment. After 3 days, the account will be closed and the account placed into the owner/property manager name.
  7. 3. This program is a year round program and not set up for seasonal use. There will be a bill in the property owner/manager's name if there is a gap between one tenant moving out and the next tenant starting service.
  8. 4. It is the responsibility of the property owner/manager to notify the City when the property is no longer owned or managed. Failure to do so will not remove the owner/property manager from responsibility from any bill incurred under their name while on this program.
  9. 5. Start up fees will apply for each occurence of the auto-connect program.
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