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Utility Sign-Up

  1. The City of Cheney requires completion of the following information and a utility deposit prior to connecting services. Please see the Utility Services button for details on charges, due dates, etc. A 1-time-only connect fee of $5 for water and $15 for electric service will appear on your 1st bill. The required deposit amounts are listed below, deposit is required in advance of connection.

  2. Required if you would like to make changes on the account or disconnect the account via telephone or on-line.

  3. Drivers License State of Issue OR Country of Issue for Passport

  4. I certify that the above information is true and agree that I am responsible for payment of account and that the utilities supplied hereunder are subject to all provisions of the Cheney Municipal Code now enacted or hereafter amended. Applicant agrees the City may use applicant's identifying information for the purpose of administering, enforcing, collecting or completing financial transactions for City Utilities.

  5. By typing your name into this field you are allowing the city to consider this an electronic signature. The authorized signed must be the same as the utility applicant.

  6. Service may be requested to start Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. After-hours and weekend connects will require additional, non-refundable $200 connect fee for electric and $70.50 for water.

    Deposit Amounts are payable prior to starting services and are as follows:
    - You pay for 1 or 2 services: $150 - 3 services $175 - 4 services $200

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